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Leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and more in control

Welcome to Louisville Reiki!

Reiki is considered by many people to be highly effective at relieving stress and bringing about a deep sense of calm and relaxation. If Reiki is something new to you, I encourage you to explore the site to gain a better understanding of what it has to offer you.

While Reiki may be easy to describe, it is not always easy to explain, it is very much a technique you need to experience for yourself. Reiki is different from person to person, and often from session to session. What you may experience is generally unique to you and the individual sessions.
"This was my first visit to Kenny, but it will not be my last. I started to go for a massage but saw that he offered other services. I decided to try the Reiki session. It was amazing. I had never experienced anything like this. When I left his office, I was floating for at least 2 hours after. I would and have recommend him to my friends. I can't wait to try his other services! Thanks Kenny!" S. C.